Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are very useful tools to send emails, consult social networks, read the news, and make calls or videoconferences, among other activities. However, when we talk about so many activities that mobile devices can do, we must also take into account the large battery consumption they require.

Someday mobile devices will have new generation batteries that last much longer without being recharged. So users prefer to carry a portable charger to avoid running out of batteries.

1. Check The Portable Charger Led Lights To See If It Is Necessary To Recharge:

While you can charge your My charge Portable Charger at any time if you do it when it is not necessary, you could shorten its life. Most external batteries have four led lights on the side. As the battery reduces, the lights go out. Wait until there are only 1 or 2 lights on to charge your external battery.

2. Connect The Portable Charger To An Outlet If Necessary:

My charge Portable Charger inevitably came with a USB cable and an adapter to connect it to the wall. Connect the bigger end of the USB wire to the adapter and the smaller end to the battery. Now let the battery charge.

3. Alternatively, You Can Connect The External Charger To A Computer Or Laptop:

External batteries can also be charged to a computer or laptop. Connect the smaller end of the USB wire to the external battery. Then the larger end of the cable to a USB port on your computer or laptop.

Tips And Recommendations For Buying Best Portable Chargers For Mobile Devices:

For those who use the mobile frequently, not only to call but practically to organize all our daily activities. Thanks to the functionality of a smartphone, we have a portable mobile device charger as a useful ally; that charges the phone without not only cables but also the tablet, the music player, and other mobile devices.

If you are thinking of buying one or giving it to someone you know is going to take advantage of it, we give you some recommendations to keep in mind.

1. Battery Capacity:

This will depend on the use that you give to your mobile device. The more you use and the higher the demand that you provide to your devices, the higher the number of mAH (hourly hours) that your portable charger should have.

2. Compatibility With Different Mobile Devices:

A portable charger must be compatible with most mobile devices. It can be connected through USB or mini USB connection ports, regardless of the brand of your device: Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony, or Blackberry. So you can also share it with your family or friends who need it!

The main features that you should pay attention to when choosing a portable charger are the charging capacity, which is measured in milliamperes hour (mAh). The charging capacity of your mobile device also measured in mAh. So if your device has 2,500 mAh, you will require a portable battery of at least 2,500 mAh to charge your device 100%. However, due to the conversion of voltages.

It is advisable to consider a battery of at least 20% more mAh than your device to ensure a full charge. You may choose a battery bank with a lot of capacity, for example, 23,000 mAh. Still, you will have to consider that the size and weight of the portable battery will be much more significant.

3. The life Of The Charger And Capacity:

You can choose which one suits you according to your needs and the investment you are willing to make. It is effortless to want to buy a battery that has the highest charge capacity. However, sometimes, we forget entirely when it takes time to charge a battery like that.

Batteries that have a capacity of more than 20,000 mAh are very likely to require a full night to charge. One significant feature that you should keep in mind is the charging capacity of the portable battery.

For example, if your choice is between a portable battery that has a charging capacity of 0.8A versus one that has 1.5A. You should choose the one with the highest charging speed, that way you will avoid your portable battery staying connected all night to recharge.

4. Weight And Design:

If we choose a portable peripheral, the ideal thing is that it is lightweight so that it can be transported without a problem. The weight will depend on the functionalities of the charger and the capacity of the battery.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you are planning to buy a portable charger, we currently have them on sale, so do not waste the opportunity and go through our catalog.

5. Load Speed:

As with mobile phone chargers or memory sticks, not all batteries work at the same speed. Some models can take half as much as others to charge your phone, hence the higher the number of amps it presents, the faster the charge (it is recommended that it reaches 2.4).

6. Quality Vs. Price:

Remember that batteries can explode, and one of the ways we can avoid these risks is to buy batteries that have certifications or have the backing of a brand with a good reputation. So be careful when choosing a portable battery because it could also cause a short circuit, an overload, or not have any protection for overheating due to the low cost.

Finally, when something seems very good to be true, check all the specifications of the product. So that you make an appropriate decision and do not put your electronic equipment at risk.

7. Number Of Ports:

Portable batteries that have a substantial charge capacity usually have more than one USB charging port. Of course, if the battery has more ports, the price of the battery is likely to increase. So you already know, choose so that the charging ports of your portable battery are enough to charge the number of mobile devices that you carry with you.

One of the things that you have to pay attention to is the output that the battery bank or Power Bank will give when several devices are connected simultaneously. For example, if you connect two devices at the same time, the backup battery will likely charge at a maximum of 3A. It provides an output of 1.5A at each port, while there will be other batteries that allow a higher charging speed.

Do You Give Importance To Design

The external appearance of the device is something important for many users. So, in this case, the choice will depend on the brand and the models that have been launched.

However, to charge a device with the portable charger on the fly, it must be charged. You can easily charge your portable charger with a laptop or an outlet. Once it is charged, you can disconnect it and use it again.