Power Bank consists of an energy exchange mechanism to reduce the problem of intermittency in the generation of electrical energy. Most of the available energy resources, and then exchange in those periods in which the own generation is insufficient.

In other words, the energy generated at any time and not consumed by users can be “accumulated virtually” by CFE and “delivered” in other similar periods in different periods on different days or months. If the indicator gets damaged, it can be difficult to tell if the power bank is fully charged. Because there is no light or it else cannot stop blinking.


1. Find The Power Bank

The manual brochure or download it from the official website to see how long it takes to charge your device entirely. Use the energy bank up to 0% of the remaining juice. Since the indicator does not work, you must test the power supply by connecting the power bank to a compatible device.

2. Connect The Power Bank To The Appropriate Charger

In general, most power banks require a 5V 2A input, so the corresponding charger is the best option to charge them. Do not charge with the computer’s USB port. Different charging technologies can result in different charging times, and charging with the original charger is faster than charging with the computer’s USB port.

3. Fully Charged

When the expected charging time is over, remove the charger. Just apply a compatible device to the power bank, and check if the power bank charged. If it works without problems, the recharge cycle is fine.

However, you cannot verify that the power bank is fully charged because the indicator is off. At the very least, security issues will not overload. If it doesn’t work at all, your power bank is likely damaged. In fact, you will need to contact your customer service center as well to fix it or purchase a new one.


Technology is advancing in giant steps today, and with it, the performance of our electronic devices. The only thing that limits us when using our phones is the battery. Although it indeed continues to improve, it is not up to the current consumption of our devices.

Luckily you have the power banks, where you can carry stored charges to use when our battery is short of life. There are thousands of models of different brands, capacities, sizes, and prices.

We know that deciding on one can be horrible, so we give you a few tips to buy your power bank from the hand of Top External Battery.

1. Capacity: The Amount Of mAh That You Will Need

The first thing that you must take into account when choosing a portable battery is to know the capacity of what you want to charge since, depending on that, you will need more or less capacity.

Similarly, you also have to take into account for what purpose you want to use it. It would not make sense to utilize a power bank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh to give the mobile a little more use before arriving home or a 1500 mAh to charge the iPad on a road trip.

2. Portability: Capacity Or Size?

Hand in hand with capacity accompanied by the size and weight of the external battery and with it the portability that each one has. External batteries of greater capacity usually have a larger size and weight. So they are not too useful for daily use, although they are perfect for a mountain getaway or a long trip.

3. Simultaneous Charging: How Many Devices Can You Connect At The Same Time

Another thing to consider when choosing our new portable battery is the number of ports it has.

It is always recommended that choosing it with more than one USB port, it never hurts to share the battery with a friend or charge several devices at the same time.

4. Charging Time: How Long It Will Take To Charge It Fully

You must also look at the charging speed since, at higher input current (A). The external battery can be charged faster if you supply that intensity with a charger. It is recommended that you need an external large-capacity battery that has an input port of 2A or 2.4A.

IMPORTANT: To be charged in the shortest possible time, you must use a USB charger that is capable of supplying the power indicated by the power bank. Since if you use the first charger, you find at home or an old one, you may only supply 1A, and then it will take longer to load.

5. Performance: How Much Capacity You Will Actually Use

Although many people do not know, power banks do not have a performance of 100 %. That is, they will not transmit all their load to the device that you have connected, the typical value oscillating between 60% and 70% of their capacity.

For this reason, you must choose a capacity more significant than that of the device you want to charge often or the multiple times you want to charge it. Although this is not a feature that you can control at ease or that you can know when buying the power bank.

You must take into account that white or dubious quality brands will offer lower values. These, resulting in practically Half the load will never be used. Sometimes it is better to spend a higher price to make sure that what you buy will serve us. Remember, cheap is expensive.

6. Fast Charging: External Batteries With Quick Charge

Yes, the fast charge to the external batteries has also arrived. It is easy to identify in a power bank because its ports are of a different color: orange for Quick Charge 2.0 and green for Quick Charge 3.0. If your Android phone already incorporates fast charging, it is advisable to bet on one of these external batteries.

If this is not your case, it is an option to consider when charging future devices. Note that the fast charging port of the external battery is also compatible with any phone that will charge conventionally at 5V. For more information, you can read this interesting article about fast charging on external batteries.

7. Led Indicators: How Do You Know The State Of Charge

A large part of the external batteries on the market have an LED indicator that shows how charged the battery is, perfect to know if you need to charge it, or it will hold us one more assault.

Although this characteristic is general, some models do not incorporate it, and it is always interesting to know this detail.

8. Opinions: Check The Comments Of Other Users

Sometimes you paint things too well as long as you buy the product, and it is possible that when it reaches our hands, it is not as you expected. This is why it is advisable to review the opinions of other people on Amazon and specialized websites to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of external batteries.

We hope that these tips for buying a power bank will help you when choosing the one you need properly, and you can get the maximum profitability from these accessories that, today, are practically essential.

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