Anker is a top-quality brand, which creates quality chargers. This PowerCore 20000 PD is an innovative invention, especially for its capacity, charging power, and wide range of charging capabilities.

Power Delivery charging is becoming popular. It supplies lots of power, and you can charge more devices with this charger. You can charge a good range of accessories like a phone, laptop, etc. it and it is the main advantage and the goal of it.

The biggest thing about the power bank is has two output ports.  There is a USB-C PD port, which is the focus point of this Power bank. Another port is USB-A, which provides standard charging. The charging range of the USB-C PD port on this power bank is 30W. The luxury of charging with this power bank is that it has more than the regular charging speed for Power Delivery charging. Other power banks have an 18W PD charging rate while it has a charging rate of 30W.

Power Delivery charging has some benefits, as the higher charging power of PD can charge a more extensive range of USB-C power delivery consistent gadgets. It can charge your gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Quick Charge your Smartphones with PD and be tension free

You can provide quick charge to your smartphones, and most android phones with the USB-C port with this power bank. The PD charging rate you need is 18W.

Charge your larger gadgets with the PD Port

You can charge larger devices with the PD Port. It includes any gadgets within the charging range of 30 W, including laptops. The power bank has up to 30 W of charging power, which enables us to charge these large gadgets. You can charge Apple’s USB-C MacBook, and also their iPad Air. This PowerCore Speed 20000 can also charge Chromebooks because of has a USB-C port.

Again having a USB-C Power Delivery laptop does not necessarily mean that you can charge using it. Some devices need more power, and sometimes you need more than 30W to charge, which is not possible in this case. The newer versions of iPhones have USB-C ports, which enables the chances of charging these products, which are also Power Delivery compatible.


1. Use the USB-C PD port

You can use the USB-C PD port to recharge your power bank, and so you can recharge at the same speed, this is the best part of Power Delivery power banks.

2. Recharge with 30W Power Delivery wall charger

PowerCore Speed 20000 PD provides a 30W Power Delivery wall charger. You can recharge the power bank at its full potential from the PD port, and this is the best part of this power bank.

3. Use MacBook adapters for better results

Charge your PowerCore Speed 20000 PD with a regular wall charger. You might need a long time to charge it. So we recommend using a MacBook 29W adapter, MacBook Pro 61W, or 87W adapters. Anker also says that you can recharge the PowerCore 20000 in 4 hours with the provided charger.


Anker’s PowerCore Speed 20000 PD is good quality, portable charger. The main attraction of this power bank is that you can charge your smartphones as well as your tablets and laptops. And you can charge them in a real quick mode. One of the conditions of charging your laptop is that its charging range should be between 30W.

So now you can be tension-free regarding the fast charge and a powerful, portable power bank. You have the luxury of using your smartphones with no worries about the charge, and use your gadgets without any interruptions.

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