You need power banks to keep your devices always charged up, and make sure that your accessories do not run out of charges and miss essential tasks with your gadgets. You have come to the right place if you are in a dilemma to choose what will be the perfect power bank for you.

Any power bank brand can be right for you if it meets your needs. The excellent power banks are always user-friendly, easy for carrying, and have the advantage to charge multiple times. It depends on your privilege, and what you want, you can opt for a power bank, which just makes your device always topped up with the charge, again you can also choose something which can do heavy-duty if you are meeting with your clients. This article will help you with the perfect one.

10 Best Brands For Power Bank

People choose brands for the quality they provide. Here is a list of ten brands that will assist and make things easy for you. Some of the highlighted features will help you make decisions on which brand will be the best for you. There is also a recommended power bank of each brand with the necessary pros and cons. Take a look at the following list.

1. Anker Power Bank

When you are choosing the right power bank for you, Anker can be one of the best choices. You get every facility you want as it ticks almost all of the options one can have to choose a power bank. The power banks are Long and slim.

Among all the power banks of Anker PowerCore, 20100 is very famous. It consists of 2.4 Amp USB ports; you can avail to charge more than one device at once. The capacity is enormous, which is 20,100mAh, which means, charge every device several times by fully charging the power bank once.

The highlighted feature of PowerCore 20100:
Charge your iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 a maximum of six times, the Samsung Galaxy S series maximum of four times. You can opt for a quick charge if your gadget has the Voltage Boost option available.

And yes, the price is also meager. It is a little heavy if you are not too concerned about it; this product can be the best choice for you.


  •   Little heavy
  •   Not compatible with all devices


  •   Huge battery
  •   Speed charging available

2. RAVPower Power Bank

RAVPower produces some of the excellent power banks like PD Pioneer 20000mAh 60W Portable Charger 2-Port Power Bank, PD Pioneer 10000mAh 29W Portable Charger 2-Port Power Bank, The RAVPower Luster portable charger, and many more.

The RAVPower Luster portable charger can is very cheap in terms of cost. Still, it is better than most other power banks. It can charge your gadgets at least once or even twice. The battery capacity it provides is 6,700mAh. The power bank is very light, has the right size to fit in any pockets, having some of these advantages is what makes it unique. This charger can be one of the best choices for you on a short trip away from home.


  •   Battery capacity low
  •   Port is one


  •   Very Cheap
  •   Not heavy

3. MAXOAK Power Bank

MAXOAK brand is well known for its ability to charge laptops from the brands Sony, Asus, HP, Fujitsu, NEC, Acer, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung. It is not compatible to charge your MacBook.
If you want to choose between the power banks of MAXOAK, you can select MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank. It is an excellent power bank to use having six ports. If you are on tour with friends, you can all charge your gadgets with this incredible power bank. With the 50,000mAh, charging will be as easy as it can get and charge your devices multiple times also.


  •   Little expensive
  •   Heavy


  •   Six ports
  •   Huge battery capacity

4. iMuto Power Bank

iMuto power bank is famous for its useful features. Some of the power banks are compatible with charging your MacBooks and laptops. So if you have MacBooks or laptops in your home, this can serve you the best.

The iMuto power bank is famous for its high battery capacity. Among all the power banks of iMuto, iMuto 20,000mAh power bank has caught customer attraction. It has a battery capacity of about 20,000mAh, which is vast and easy for charging any average smartphone for at least five times, and even more than that. The price is very reasonable, which has made it one of the best sellers in the market.


  •   Chunky design
  •   Little heavy


  •   Good capacity
  •   Reasonable price

5. Mophie Power Bank

Mophie is a well-known brand for charging your iPhone or iPad. Though some of its power banks are a little expensive, it is also fit for charging your Apple devices and gives excellent service.
Among all the models, Mophie Powerstation Plus XL can keep your iPhone or iPad charged up; it is one of the best power banks for you. It has a lighting adapter that can charge the Apple devices you have. You can remove the adapter when you switch to micro USB and charge your smartphone. The 12,000mAh battery capacity it provides is suitable for at least four times charges. The second port of USB can make you charge two gadgets at once. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL is quite expensive but, in a way, useful for charging your Apple devices when you are away from home. The good thing about the power bank is speed and flexibility.


  •   Little expensive
  •   Pointless without iPhone or iPad


  •   Lightning adapter
  •   Two ports

6. Aukey Power Bank

Aukey brand is renowned for its warranty facility. In terms of performance and battery capacity, this is one of the best for you to use.

When you are on tour or just away from home, you can try Aukey Power Bank 20,000mAh. Charge your multiple devices at a time using the two USB ports. It is also unique for its warranty of two years.


  •   Little heavy
  •   Bit bulky


  •   Warranty for two years
  •   USB ports-2

7. Omni Power Bank

Omni brand has got the customer’s attention by its excellent power banks having multiple ports. You can charge multiple devices at once.

If you are not too concerned with money, the power bank Omni 20 USB-C can be one of the best choices. You can charge two laptops and two other gadgets with this high-powered power bank. The four ports consist of two USB and two C ports.


  •   Very expensive
  •   Little weighty


  •   Charge many devices at once
  •   Dual charging option

8. Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi is producing a wide range of products in the technology sectors. Some of the renowned products of Xiaomi are phones, power banks, headphones, etc.

Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank is worth mentioning among all the power banks it provides. In terms of charging ability and portability, this can be one of your best choices. The best advantage it gives is the USB, and USB-c users can use it, and of course, with the same cable.


    •   Not so much thin


  •   Excellent metal-clad design
  •   Available micro USB and USB-C devices

9. Poweradd Power Bank

Poweradd has some high power banks which are slim enough and also cheap.

Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh is one of the best products of this brand. Though this is a little heavy, the thickness is only 1.3 cm. It can fit into your pocket easily.


    •   LIttle heavy


  •   High battery capacity
  •   Recharges quickly

10. Veho Power Bank

If you want a fast charging ability, you can try this brand’s power bank. Veho provides some excellent power banks with some unique features.

Pebble P1 Pro can be your best choice. With a 10,400mAh battery capacity, you can recharge your phones a maximum of two times. You can charge it by micro USB or C ports at any time.


    •   Not a good design


  •   Multiple USB ports
  •   Charge by micro USB and USB-C


There were quite a lot of power bank brands to help you choose. All the brands are different from the others in terms of properties, pros, and cons. If you just want to get your devices topped up, you can choose a brand that has a moderate amount of battery capacity. Again, if you are on tour and want to charge multiple devices, including your friends, you can also choose some brands which have a vast amount of battery capacity. You can also have the advantage of charging your laptops, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad. Choose a stylish power bank, and keep yourself updated with everything.

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