Mophie is undoubtedly one of the quintessential brands when thinking about portable chargers. The firm has a long journey and an extensive catalog of options when considering this type of accessory. This charger comes with a 6,100 mAh module that will come with pearls to charge your phone wherever you are.

You can do it by cable, of course, or simply by leaving the terminal in contact with the accessory, which will allow it to charge your terminal using wireless technology. Mophie has integrated a smart load management system, through which our devices will always be charged first. Thus, if we have the iPhone connected to the battery and it is at home, it will prioritize the terminal and then the accessory.

The Mophie XL PowerStation is not the first external battery, nor will it be the last. Its capacity is not the greatest in this type of accessory. But it has a light and compact design that makes it a complement to consider for your trips.


It also has three USB ports (one USB-C and two USB-A), so if you need it, the device is capable of charging up to 4 devices at once (one wirelessly and three via cable). The USB-C port offers an 18W input/output for fast charging, while the USB-A connectors have 15W and 5W outputs.

Wireless charging, meanwhile, is conventional, with a power of 5W – so if you are used to much faster wireless charging, you can do something slowly, be careful with that.

  1. Insert the USB cable that came with your Mophie into its charging port.
  2. Join the USB cable of the Mophie charger to a power source. You can also attach the USB cable of Mophie to your PC or to any wall channel that is suitable for use with iOS devices.
  3. Stay for the 4 LED lights that come into view at the bottom of your Mophie charger to stop alternating. Your Mophie charger will be completely charged when all four lights remain on firmly.
  4. Disconnect your Mophie from the USB cable. Your Mophie will now be fully charged and ready to use.


Keep your Mophie off throughout the day until your cell phone battery starts to drop. This will save your Mophie’s battery as much time as possible.

Benefits of Mophie Portable Charger That Will Surprise You

1. Portability

If you can be sure of anything, it is that one of these chargers enables you with maximum portability. When recharging the battery of any device, this is thanks to that they are extremely light. And very easy-to-carry designs that will not take up space or will make too much weight between your stuff.

2. Uninterrupted Energy

How many times it has not happened to you that, when you go down the street, you are left without a charge on your mobile phone? In fact, at a crucial moment when you must keep contact, take a photo, or make calls to meet someone, which leaves you totally helpless.

With a portable charger at your side, you can remain calm, since you will have an uninterrupted power source. It allows you to keep the cell phone battery at one hundred so that you never run out of ability to communicate. Although, of course, you must charge this external battery before leaving home to enjoy its advantages.

3. Versatile

Not only are they easy-to-use, lightweight, and compact equipment. But they also offer great versatility when they can be used with a large number of different devices, from tablets to music players, cameras, iPods, mobile phones, and even laptops, in the case of chargers that have a higher capacity.

Therefore, a portable battery becomes a fundamental piece for any technology lover. If you are one of these, then you cannot miss this charger between your electronic accessories.

4. You Can Take Them Anywhere

On vacation, to the office, when you go camping, for a walk in the city, there are countless places to which you can take a portable charger. However, it is very functional in places where you do not have easy access to any outlet.

You will not have to stop taking photos on the beach if you run out of battery on your mobile; with a portable battery, you will have the advantage of being able to charge it wherever you are.

5. There Is A Wide Variety Of Models

When talking about portable chargers, you should know that there is a massive variety of models of all sizes, colors, shapes, and capacities that will adapt to your needs and what you are looking for.

When talking about different capacities, it means that the charger will be able to store different amounts of energy. In fact, you will have to choose one depending on the requirements of your devices. It is excellent news that you will find a model that can adapt to all.

6. They Are Affordable

Although the price will be linked to the capacity of the equipment, these are usually not too expensive. And you will find a fairly wide price range that can adapt to your pocket without being an excessive expense.

Portable chargers do not represent an investment of money too significant. However, it is convenient to opt for a model of the best quality that can last for much longer.

7. Complements Of Your Style

The portable chargers are a perfect complement to highlight your style; you will find them in many different designs that will go very well with you. From very striking colors to a more classic style, finding the perfect portable battery. However, it goes with the way you usually dress. The accessories you use as your backpack or mobile case will not be a problem, thanks to the immense variety of options existing in the market.

8. Multiple Devices Can Be Charged Simultaneously

Can you imagine sharing your portable charger with family and friends so you can charge your devices simultaneously? Well, this is something totally possible, since these batteries, for the most part, have several USB ports where you can connect different mobiles.

Even if you have more than one mobile or other device such as tablets, you will have a charger. Precisely that will be used to charge them at the same time, so you never run out of batteries in any of these.

9. Efficient Consumption

The portable chargers are ideal for saving energy since they are capable of storing large quantities to charge. You’re mobile several times before having to connect it to the current, making you have an efficient consumption.

You will even find models that are friendly to the environment, using solar energy to operate. However, taking advantage of it to charge the battery of different devices.


In conclusion, learning how to charge your Mophie portable charger is a straightforward process that ensures you always have a reliable power source on the go. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines and paying attention to the LED indicators, you can effectively monitor the charging progress and know when your charger is fully replenished. Remember to use the provided cables and compatible power sources to optimize the charging speed and maintain the longevity of both your Mophie charger and your connected devices. With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently keep your devices powered up and stay connected no matter where you are.