In the fast going life and running schedules with no spare minute to rest. When we are encircled with high-tech and advanced gadgets, often, we get stuck due to battery issues. The use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., makes secure connectivity with the world. But the primary concern comes when such gadgets run out of battery, especially in case of emergency and urgency. What to do in such hassling situations, to meet the advancement.

The creation of power banks that are easily compatible with our smart devices anywhere, anytime, makes situations more comfortable. But what if the power bank also runs out of charged battery, or else you forget to power plugin the power bank. Well, it will make circumstances more fussy and confusing.

Solar Panel Power Banks are really a great solution to avoid such weird power out conditions. No hassle of keeping a device or power bank with cords and plugs. Just solar panel is fair indeed to keep the power bank charged, and devices running.

Precisely, solar power banks are real inventions within a portable source of energy, then the regular ones. In fact, a valuable and top-notch charging device in the modern life of us. To get over its real benefits and specified parameters, I recently reviewed some Best Solar Panel Power Banks in 2019.

Let me stop adding further phrases, and scroll over the leading solar power banks I have seen and reviewed. I will also add some crucial highlights of such power banks’ compatibility, charging duration, etc.

Benefits of Using Solar Panel Power Bank

Well, solar energy is always considered to be the most valuable source that occurs naturally. However, the advancement earlier was bound with solar systems for electricity, cookers, heaters, etc. But now the technological development enhanced with the invention of the solar panel power bank.

This is genuinely a fantastic creation when the use of power gadgets is on the hike. In fact, there are ample of advantages of using Solar Panel Power Banks. There are as follows:

  1. You don’t need electrical and corded supports to charge solar power banks. They never create any hassles of running out of power.
  2. Solar Panel Power Banks are a reliable choice, as are high in performance.
  3. These kind of power banks are a one-time investment, so saves money and energy (electric).
  4. You can use, charge, and operate them anytime, anywhere, just need sunlight accessibility.
  5. You even need to get worried over the device compatibility with other smart gadgets of high performance.
  6. With the use of solar power banks, you need to worry about fuses and electrical shortages.
  7. Saves time, efforts, energy, and money, so is a true friend for smart devices of today to access the battery.

Top 8 Best Solar Panel Power Banks

1. Qi Portable Solar Panel Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type:

This is one of the most reliable 10000 mAh power banks for people who mostly hold lesser time and are hanging up in outer locations. It is light in weight that gives you easy portability to carry around anywhere and use anytime. The device is truly an advancement that offers easy compatibility with the latest smart gadgets.

This Blavor Qi Portable Solar Panel Power Bank is useful with the iPhone series (XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8Plus), and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, etc. You even need to hassle your charing with tangled wires and cables. However, a USB outlet and type C input source make it more efficient and fast solar power chargers. It comes with dual charging modes. One is with power and another from sunlight that makes it versatile.

This is one of the Best Solar Panel Power Bank that gives significant emergency power back-up solution. It precisely a wireless charging source that takes almost 6 hours to complete battery. The solar power bank comes with a 5V/2A adaptor that is extensive in making the power bank a more useful choice.

Within an average charging capacity, it is tested to charge iPhone7plus at least twice and iPhone X up to 2.3 times. In fact, the excellent backup source for iPhone 8 up to 3.5 times in emergency power needs. The durability of the solar power bank by Blavor is also high in quality, as it is ABS fire-resistant. However, the inheritance of high performing lithium polymer battery makes it more extensive in functionality.

Furthermore, the power bank with the solar panel is IPX4 Splash resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-free device. The accessible connective type C ports, USB wire, dual-flashlights, and compass kit offers smoother efficiency to you anytime, anywhere. The ideal dimension 5.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches and compact weight of 9.3 ounces provides you more mobility.



  •   N/A


  •   Easy to use and charge as comes with the power source and solar panel as well.
  •   Budget-friendly.
  •   High in performance.
  •   Durable in quality.
  •   Simple incompatibility with smartphones series of iPhone and Samsung.
  •   Extremely versatile, light in weight.


2. Portable Charger Solar Charger 26800mAh Solar Power Bank:

This is genuinely a versatile solar power bank with 26800 mAh capacity, which is quite high in range. It gives enough of ease charging facility and compatibility for people in long travel runs, and other aspects. It is one of the significant lithium polymer battery solar panel power bank that is good in performance and efficiency.

The Best Solar Panel Power Bank designed with 2 USB ports that enable multiple time functionality. More precise is easy to carry and mobility mode within its easily foldable solar panels. The power bank has four solar panels that give a high saving of sunlight and transfers it into electricity.

Moreover, its many solar panels give the fastest charging specification than ordinary solar power banks. In fact, the foldable accessibility of panels provides more smartness and convenience to carry and handle anywhere easily. The power bank even installed with two inputs and two outputs plugins. The inheritance of type C input slot and Android Micro USB port gives high-tech features.

Intelligent IC gives you a benefit to save money, energy, and time by making no hassles of cords usability. The application of emergency LED light within three modes in solar power bank makes it more useful.

The unusual waterproof structure gives merit to use it even in harsh climate zones like rains, snowfall, etc. However, the mode of power fails underwater that brings no fuss and less popularity. The perfection never ends without taking because of size, 6 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches, and weighs about 1.19 pounds only.



  •   It is water-resistant yet fails to get operational underwater. Not thoroughly waterproof.


  •   Versatile in features.
  •   High in performance.
  •   User-efficient and budget-friendly.
  •   Light in weight, easy to carry.
  •   Emergency LED, and water-resistant quality makes it unique.
  •   Compatible with most phones and tablets.

3. Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel Charger, Waterproof Camping Gear:

Neketch is a known brand for the manufacturing of the Best Solar Panel Power Banks within high efficiency. This particular portable power bank comes with triple solar Monocrystalline panels. In fact, the existence of SunPower Maxon technology gives worth power source to charge smart devices quickly.

The solar panel power charger gives 21% to 24% conversion accessibility from each of its installed ports. The designing high tech IC Chip makes the power bank more advanced and safe while charging other devices via USB. The versatility in fast charging of two phones at a single time without overheating ensures more reliable and convenient use.

It is easy to carry and port anywhere, as structured with foldable capability into a compact shape. This simplicity within the size of 6.3 x 1.1 x 11.1 inches and weighs 1.13 pounds offers ease backpack and storage. It is even easy to use in travel and exploring locations of trekking, hiking, etc.

The uniqueness in design and structure makes it a more reliable solar panel power bank, with PET polymer cover. The surety of IPX4 water-resistant and rugged withstand from dust gives more convenience and durability. It comes with a micro USB wire, a manual guide leaflet, and a charging panel.



  •   N/A


  •   Easy to use and carry, so it is a highly user efficient solar power bank.
  •   High in power, that gives dual charging operation at a single time over two smart devices.
  •   Light in weight capability makes it more mobile and portable.
  •   Pocket-friendly.
  •   Reliable and robust in quality.
  •   Waterproof and dust resistant.

4. BEARTWO 10000mAh Ultra-Compact Solar Panel Power Bank:

When you are out into hiking, travel, and exploring, fixing up the issues of empty battery is major. Running out of the power of smart devices like phones, tablets, and laptops, even digital cameras, is challenging. However, conventional power banks are there, but still, solar power chargers are the more reliable choice in today’s life.

The portable solar charger comes with dual USB output mode, which gives you the advantage to charge two gadgets simultaneously. It provides quick and fast charging that saves time and effort to get wasted. The solar panel power bank takes almost 4-5 hours to get complete charging than other ordinary power banks. The installation of a high-quality lithium-polymer battery gives power charger a more powerful performance.

It is a compact, light-weighted kind of solar power charger that gives easy portability in outdoor activities. The ideal size of 5.5 x 3 x 0.7 inches and 7.4 ounces makes it more efficient to carry and mobile anywhere. The IP67 water-resistant capability with rubber cap gives USB port and battery extra safety from dust and water. The sturdy structure of the power bank is profitable in a tight grip and convenient handling with non-slippery protection.

The pre-installed design of a mini LED flashlight indicator offers three modes from a single button. The three specified ways available on power banks are normal/ SOS and Strobe significantly. It n even no harmful and eco-friendly solar panel power bank that makes charging of smart devices more fast, easy, and safe.



  •   Little less in performance as shreds its battery within a day claimed over reviews.
  •   The solar panel often creates hassles while charing.


  •   Indeed a user efficient power bank that runs over sunlight.
  •   Safe and convenient to use.
  •   Durable in quality, high in performance.
  •   Eco-friendly, water-resistant, and non-slippery.
  •   Budget-free and easy compatibility solar panel portable charger.
  •   Light in weight.

5. Zerolemon 26800mAh Survival Solar Power Bank:

Indeed in the list of the Best Solar Panel Power Bank, Zerolemon is a reliable brand to trust upon. This particular sunshine yellow shade portable charger is a quality product with excellent charging performance. It is one of the top-notch outdoor survival solar chargers that is useful with all weather conditions.

It is an ideal 26800mAh charging capacity solar power bank with rain-resistant and shock-resistant ability. The accessible charging mode of keeping it direct sunlight makes it efficient to get charged with solar energy technology. Precisely the Zerolemon solar charger is compact (6.9 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches ) and weights (1.28 pounds). It is attractive in design and light in weight that increased the mobility to carry anywhere and to use anytime.

The solar power bank even exists with secure handling and gripping hook for easy hanging on bags. This hanging mode makes it instantly efficient that leaves no clue of handling with hassle in hand every time.

In fact, the installation of USB ports and the type-C charging plugin gives extensive compatibility with other smart devices. The power bank with the solar panel is easy to team up with iPhone series such as XS Max/XS/XR/X etc. It is even useful with the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+/S9/S10/S9 Plus. A fascinating feature is that it is also compatible with Google Pixel 3 XL OnePlue 6/6T/5, MacBook 2017/2018/2019, etc.

The solar power charger even comes with a multi-purpose LED flashlight that offers four modes. The flashlight options are such as more brightness, low brightness, strobe, and SOS significantly. The 4 led ways that make it more useful in camping, trekking, traveling, and exploring locations. It comes with one micro USB wire, one backpack hook, warranty card, manual guide, and charger, of course.



  •   N/A


  •   Easy to use, so it is user efficient.
  •   Easy to carry as even installed with backpack hanging hook.
  •   Waterproof, shock-resistant, and non-slippery.
  •   Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly solar power charger.
  •   High in performing, within 4 LED modes.
  •   Sturdy design.

6. Nekteck Solar Charger 10000mAh Portable Charger With Solar Panel:

If you are looking for a high-efficiency solar power bank, then it is a true friend in need. It gives reliable power back to high tech and advanced devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. The conversion rate of the solar power charger is between 21% to 24% that gives more extraordinary power.

The solar panel power bank is even more universal and portable in design and sturdy in structure. It is also lighter in weight (9.6 ounces) and compact (6.7×3.4×0.7 inches) that is easy to carry around. The small size gives more accessibility to carry and handle with grip anytime in urgency. The anti-skid protection cover design of the power back is even more efficient in longer trips and travel hours.

The installation of a 10000mAh lithium polymer battery makes it a more reliable and high capacity solar power charger. It even comes with a 2.1A output uniqueness that is safe and convenient in use. The anti-explosion battery cell offers the maximum of more reliable usability 1000+rechargable cycles.

In fact, the existence of an LED flashlight gives brightness in darkness, during camping, trekking, hiking at night, and emergency. This Nekteck solar panel portable charger comes with an easy press button for 4 LED modes and charging indicators.



  •   It is designed with Type A cable port, not Type C.
  •   No internal battery is not replaceable.
  •   It is not reliable for the charging of batteries.


  •   Easy to carry and use.
  •   Non-explosive and eco-friendly solar panel power bank.
  •   High incapacity with reliable power performance.
  •   Anti-skin grip gives safer handling in travel.
  •   Comes with 4 LED Emergency flashlights and charging indicator.
  •   2-lithium polymer batteries are needed.

7. Hobest Solar Charger 10000mAh Solar Power Bank:

In the queue of the Best Solar Panel Power Banks, Hobset portable charger is a useful choice. It comes with dual charging methods that basically saves time, energy, and efforts to charge devices. The charger is pre-installed with 5V/2A Max input/output efficiency. You can easily place this charger in direct sunlight for easy outdoor usability to get powered.

The high power efficiency comes with 10000mAh battery capacity. It is hight compatible with smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6, and other series. The power bank is multi-functional with outstanding dual USB output modes that give two devices charging accessibility at the same time.

Furthermore, the reliability never ends with its durable structure and compact size, which gives excellent mobility and usability. It is lightweight 7.4 ounces, perfectly dimensioned (9.5 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches) solar portable charger. It is worth portable to hang on a backpack even in traveling, hiking, trekking, and exploring activities. The versatility never ends as it is a water-resistant, shock-resistant, dust-resistant power bank with the solar panel.

Inbuilt mini emergency LED flashlights within three different modes that are normal, SOS, and Strobe make it more unique. It is even easy to use, control, and safe solar power bank that offers excellent convenience.

The safety is the major concern of this solar battery cell power bank. The inheritance of the smart IC, multiple circuits reduces the risk of power failure, shocks, and shortages. It even safeguards the device from overheating, the over-discharging ability that risk the power bank and charging device as well.



  •   Little disappointing soler power bank as takes worth more time than others to charge devices.


  •   More efficient and user-friendly.
  •   Installed with the high performing power source, 3-mode LED flashlights and sufficient input/outputs.
  •   Affordable power bank with significant uniqueness.
  •     Water-proof, dust-proof, shock-resistant, etc.
  •   Compatible with most of the high tech and smart gadgets.


8. OUTXE 20000mAh IP67 Solar Panel Power Bank:

When it comes to the latest design in solar panel power banks, OUTXE is a considerable brand for outdoor activities. This particular power bank is the water-resistant, dust-free, and shockproof device that gives portable energy sources.

It even designed with a non-slippery structure that gives convenient and secure handling. This military-grade structure safeguards it from getting a break-even when it falls on rocks or harsh locations.

Precisely, it is ultra power saver that even saves time up to 50 percent, because of its quick charging specification. It, however, comes with 4ADual input slots, within type-C and micro USB plugin. The power bank takes almost 6 hours for complete charging.

The ideal dimension of 6.7 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches and 1.15 weight makes it a more fantastic power charger to use at outdoor trips. The solar energy capacity makes it an eco-friendly and naturally efficient high-tech power bank with a 2W charger. You can ideally use this Best Solar Panel Power Bank in trekking, hiking, travel, and emergency purpose, anytime-anywhere.

The installation of the quick charge specification gives you an advantage up to 4X fastest charging capability than ordinary power banks. It enables easy connect compatibility with super-speedy charging approximately 18W, which is 80% in just 35 minutes. It creates no hassles and fuss and saves time, energy, and money for many years.

The increased power and high efficiency even run for a week, that keep your digital cameras, smartphones, tablets charged. In cases of emergency, the use of this solar power bank within 20000mAh capacity gives a safe and secure charging to gadgets whenever running out of the batteries. The crush-proof ability makes it more fascinating within its bright LED flashlights.



  •   It is hefty, as said over the reviews.


  •   Simple to carry and use.
  •   Water-resistant, dust-free, crush-proof, non-slippery, and shock-resistant.
  •   Installed with two lithium polymer batteries
  •   It comes with an emergency flux flashlight.
  •   Pocket-friendly.
  •   Saves time, money, and energy.


How to Choose a Solar Power Bank

Picking up the right kind of solar panel portable charger is quite challenging as many brands are there. People often get confused about getting the Best Solar Panel Power Bank to reply upon a considerable brand. However, most of the manufacturers are truly responsible and admit to delivering quality performing and high capacity power bank.

To check if the power bank with solar panel cells is reliable or not, keep specific parameters on the hike before you invest. These areas following:

1. Battery Efficiency and Capacity:

It is a crucial aspect that comes prior when you are planning to buy a solar panel power bank. Always check out the installation of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery capacity. As power source totally depends on the efficiency of battery with mAh or Wh units.

More mAh or Wh capacity increases the ability o charge smart devices like phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. You can easily select the efficient solar power bank within the range of mAh levels as depending on your needs.

2. Portability And Mobility Are High To Consider:

Buying of the power bank is itself a carry out charging source in emergency and needs to charge other advanced devices. There is no use to buy a bulky and hefty kind of power bank as it lowers the efficiency to carry and use. The compact the size, within more lightweight specification in power bank, will most prefer.

In fact, some easily foldable solar battery power banks are worth useful choice that basically reduces the hassles of cables, cords, and storage. The design of the backpack hook in power back also makes easy access to use while hanging.

3. Resistant Ability from Shock, Dust, Water, and Crush:

The greatness of the power bank goes universal, especially when you buy a power bank that is all-weather resistant. The dust-proof, crush-proof, and shock-resistant ability makes it more versatile to use anywhere regularly in outdoor locations.

4. Installation of Solar Panel:

As power banks are useful devices to charge other advanced gadgets. However, using solar energy with a conversion of electricity makes it more extensive, without depending on power plugins in outdoor trips and activities. The larger the solar panel will significantly fetch more time to get the device fully charged. In fact, SunPower is a considerable brand that uses solar cells.

5. USB Ports Needed:

Indeed USB ports and Type-C are essential to charge devices from the power bank. The installation of multiple USB, type C, or type A ports in the device will enhance the charging capability. It even gives you an advantage to power other devices at the same time.

6. Emergency LED Indicator:

The design of LED indicators and flashlights increases the level of operation from setting up of different modes. It even gives quick reviewing about full battery, charging mode, or emergency flashlight in darkness and outdoor trips.

7. Inheritance of Additional Accessories:

The complete package of USB wire, charging adaptor, warranty card, user manual makes any solar power bank more extensive kind.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What Devices Can I Charge?

Answer. The solar panel power banks are easily and quickly compatible with other smart devices such as laptops, tablets, iPads, mobiles, digital cameras. Portable music speakers, radios, gaming consoles, etc. are also chargeable with solar panel power banks.

2. What Phones Are Compatible?

Answer. In the series of high tech smartphones, most mobiles are easy to charge with solar power banks. Commonly iPhone series such as X, 8, 7, 6, and Samsung smartphones are chargeable. Series of Samsung Galaxy, LG Plus, Windows mobiles, sony smartphones, Nokia, OnePlus, and more are also compatible.

3. Roughly How Long Does A Full Charge Last?

Answer. Well, it depends on the capacity of the battery installed in the solar power bank. In fact, personalized usability over the smart devices every day also highlights the solar power bank energy. Mostly a power charger with 24000mAh offers 8-10 times of charging mode on iPhone or Samsung devices. Precisely the solar panel charger stays for one week with continuous use.

Final Thoughts:

Taking an account to sign off with all crucial aspects and parameters, now I am sure you will not get confused. However, getting the Best Solar Panel Power Bank is the need of time when battery shreds in outdoor locations.

I hope my reviewing the topmost portable solar charger will help you much. Precisely it is a one-time investment but still needs an advanced vision and search before buying. You must take the buyer’s guide point equally necessary to understand which the best and most reliable solar power bank is.